who am I ?

rond photoI’m born in 1982 in France. During my studies in environment, I practiced painting (Exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in 2004) and had a passion for music. In 2003 I fulfilled my dream and pursued my artistic needs by joining an international school of cinema in Paris, where I graduated as a director.

I learn on the ground. After having worked on about fifty films (short, feature, music videos…) in different positions, I turned to fiction and directed my first short films: SemblantsCette Nuit Là…Quelque Part and Alycia which all obtained many selections in french and international films festivals.

In 2006, I became a producer and created Imagina Prod which enable me to produce Ella & Louis with Marie-Christine BarraultFrancois Marthouret and the support of the Aquitaine region.

After that, I collaborated with the American photographer Aaron Hobson with whom I shot Alfred (or the story of a wonder fish) in New York and won 4 awards + 34 selections in international films festivals.

Back in france, I start filming commercials in freelance and create Hier Soir à Paris, a music webzine. I also start to expose online my large collection of rare photos of Marilyn Monroe and direct a small movie about love : Only You, which was sold in Japan.

Now I work on my new projects, prepare a new film with Peggy Desplats for Cassiopée Films, write new stuff with Nathalie Lenoir, and direct music videos for international artists.

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